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The iPhone is a precision machine that you carry around and is also the most frequently used machine. Because it is such an iPhone, the risk of dropping it and the probability of malfunction will increase … :-<  The more you use it, the more it will be consumed.


But don’t give up because it’s broken, repair it and use it! It is the soul of Yamato, the heart of Japan! If you live in Kyoto and have trouble with your iPhone, please use [Smart Cool AEON MALL Kyoto Gojo] 🙂


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【table of contents】

Why does it break in the first place?
What to do when it breaks
NG behavior when cracked
Necessary items for repair request
Actual repair situation
This and that after repair
Recommended for glass coating
Our shop information (reservation etc.)





【Why does it break in the first place?】

Reason for screen cracking The first place in the ranking is definitely a pattern that drops and breaks.


The iPhone is characterized by its baptized form, but at the same time it is also difficult to hold. It’s a design that doesn’t get caught, so it’s easy to put it in and out, but at the same time, it’s a model that is likely to slip out of your hand.

If you drop it and the whole screen is shocked, it may be surprisingly no damage … except if you drop it from a corner. The impact that has been concentrated on one turn is transmitted to the glass surface as a twist. Although glass is strong against impact on the surface, it has the property of breaking at once when a twisting force is applied, so if it is dropped, it is much more likely to break.



That’s why the iPhone case is made with higher strength only at the corners:-)


【What to do when it breaks】


First of all, it is safe to put it in a zipper etc. so as not to get injured by broken glass. Even if it’s okay to just touch it, broken pieces will fall off, causing an unexpected accident … Also, if you live with a pet, you will swallow a piece of glass and your stomach and intestines will be cut. First and foremost, put it in a sturdy bag.


Similarly, even if the degree of cracking is low, if you think that you can operate as it is :-), not only will secondary damage increase, but the terminal itself will be exposed to the danger of water and dust. It can be completely damaged and cannot be repaired.


【NG behavior when the screen is broken】

・Use in a broken state

Due to the nature of glass, if there are cracks or cracks, the next damage is likely to occur, water and dust get inside as described above, and the substrate is short-circuited. As a result, it can be the worst case where all the data is blown away.



It’s easy to forget, but the scary thing is charging. An iPhone that has received a large impact may have an abnormality in the base or battery. Lithium-ion batteries are especially dangerous, and if you charge them while they are defective, it will lead to the worst ignition accident :-<



【Necessary items for repair request】

What you need when making a repair request


Nothing in particular


If you bring a broken device, the staff will check the condition and decide whether it can be repaired.


【Actual repair situation】

By the way, this time I received a repair request from a customer from Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City, but it was cracked because it was dropped from the bottom right of the screen.

When I first checked the operation, I was able to confirm the energization, so I proposed repair by replacing the screen. In this case, the sensors were also alive, so we transplanted the live sensors to a new screen to reduce repair costs.


If you replace everything at once, it will cost more than 50,000 yen, but if you can narrow it down to the screen, it will fit in around 10,000 yen 😛


Only a repair shop can respond flexibly like this.


【This and that after repair】

Even if the repair is finished, there is a high possibility that the same thing will be repeated if you use it in the same way as before 🙂 The important thing is not to repeat it!


Therefore, we recommend the latest technology [glass coating], which is a hot topic right now.


Glass coating is a protective film made by applying car coating technology. Unlike the conventional film type, it is cured at the nano level after being applied, so it does not spoil the appearance and only improves the durability. As it is a car coating technology, its hardness is with origami.


Glass coating is a coating mainly composed of glass components such as polysilazane, and its greatest feature is that it can form a high-density glass film that does not easily come off from the painted surface. Since it has the highest strength among car coatings, if you ask a specialist to apply it, it will cost tens of thousands of yen to 100,000 yen, depending on the size of the car. However, it protects your car from various damages, so it’s worth the money.



【Recommended for glass coating】

【 ガラスコーティング 】のススメ iPhone修理専門店が最新技術を紹介します(ΦωΦ)


If you request glass coating in Kyoto, please drop in at AEON MALL Kyoto Gojo store.


We accept construction for 3,300 yen on one side.

In addition, we often run a 550 yen discount on coatings, so please feel free to contact us first. You can’t understand its beauty until you experience it 😛


【Our shop information (reservation etc.)】

For reservations and inquiriesHere

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